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  • Albion Online: The Update Kay Will Arrive On December 6 05/12/2017
    Less than five months after the release of Albion, here is Kay, the second update of magnitude that will be available from December 6 on the MMORPG sandbox. Kay will bring many improvements and additions while focusing on GvG content.
  • Kay Update Will Add Three Battle Mounts To Albion Online 29/11/2017
    In new video of MMORPG Albion Online, game designer Michael Schwahn decided to tell you about some new items in the update Kay.
  • Albion Online - IOS Client Open Test Started 24/11/2017
    Sandbox Interactive announced the launch of the beta test of the Albion Online client for devices based on the iOS operating system. Already now you can play MMORPG on live servers, but you must first apply through a special form.
  • Albion Online - The Performance Situation Will Improve 14/11/2017
    In the new video, MMORPG Albion Online Chief Technology Officer David Salz spoke about improving performance for Kay update. Over the past few months, developers have made significant changes to the performance associated with bigger fights. A technology was created that allows recording fights at the network level.
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