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Death Mechanics Update Anticipation

After reading mostly all the death mechanics related threads and posts, I think this summarize what players want, this is of course not a complete and 100% accurate of what everyone wants.
When a player dies, he will be knocked down and bleed until he die, other players can resurrect him only when out of combat mode 
Player will trash a low % of gear when knocked down (to avoid duo team knocking down each others fame farming exploit)
The usual % of gear trash when executed or dead by bleed

When a player dies, he will be knocked down and auto get up (same system: will be executed in yellow blue portals, hellgate guardians, red and black zones), players can resurrect him to speed the process, he can be resurrected even in combat mode

Fame is divided between all the players that participated in killing someone: Damage, Healing, Support and crowd control skills and also the players who did damage to other members of the enemy team and not to the target itself 
Player who knock down the enemy gets the enemy kill count + reputation (SI can incorporate the reputation system here)
Player who execute the enemy gets a small bonus of fame + reputation (SI can incorporate the reputation system here)


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