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How to Change Your Albion Online Password for Hacke Account

Many customers from upablion.com said that their accounts have been "hacked". They found their characters stripped of all valuables in a different place than where they left them. Albion Online Staff has investigated these reports and found that more than 20 accounts have been accessed at unusual times by an unknown IP. So you should be careful of your Albion Online account especially when you buying Albion Online Gold on some unreliable website, while IGXE.com is a reliable online shop that can make sure the gamers’ security. We promise all the Albion Online Gold here are cheap and safe since we have do the game products business for so many years and have a series of stable and secure suppliers.




Albion Online team thinks that the "hacker" simply brute-forced the passwords, their usual way is systematically tried common passwords until there was a match. Now the Albion Online team also does not believe that there is safe flaw beyond that. What they could do is to investigate this further and they will improve their measures against this type of attack.

The most important thing that you can do to avoid your account been hacked is to choose a complicated passwords which had better to mix with letters, numbers, and even symbols. If their passwords are guessable, there is just no way can we protect you is to change your password on the "my account" page on albiononline.com. If you are a frequent buyer at UPALBION.com, you will have the real experience of the safe buying here. Just trust UPALBION.com and buy cheap Albion Online Gold here.



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