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Introduction of Albion Online New Weapon's Playstyle

With the release of Final Beta, the passive spell system has been completely overhauled! Now every single weapon has a total of four passives to choose from, each deeply embedded in the weapon’s playstyle and giving you even more freedom in your build for albion online gold.

Want to know the current passives in game? Here is an overview of every weapon passive spell, as well as which weapons you can find them on and at starting from which tier the spell is unlocked.

Adrenaline Driven Charity
Every 4 activated spells, your heals become stronger.
Found on: Nature Staff (Tier 5), Holy Staff (Tier 3)

Aggressive Caster
Every 4 activated spells, you gain a cast speed buff.
Found on: Fire staff (Tier 3), Crossbow (Tier 4), Frost Staff (Tier 5), Holy Staff (Tier 3)

Aggressive Rush
Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased.
Found on: Dagger (Tier 7), Spear (Tier 5), Axe (Tier 7), Bow (Tier 5)

Attack Speed
Every 6 normal attacks, you gain an Attack Speed bonus.
Found on: Dagger (Tier 4), Spear (Tier 7), Bow (Tier 7)

Every normal attack sets the enemy on fire, dealing additional damage per second.
Found on: Fire Staff (Tier 2)

Every 5 activated spells, you resistances are increased.
Found on: Arcane Staff (Tier 3), Nature Staff (Tier 3)

Deep Cuts
Every 4 normal attacks, you inflict a bleeding wound on the enemy, causing additional damage per second.
Found on: Dagger (Tier 4), Axe (Tier 3), Sword (Tier 2)

Dreadladen Fighting
Every 4 normal attacks, your Crowd Control effects are increased.
Found on: Quarterstaff (Tier 5), Hammer (Tier 4), Mace (Tier 7)

Every normal attack, you restore energy.
Found on: Fire Staff (Tier 5), Cursed Staff (Tier 7), Crossbow (Tier 5), Frost Staff (Tier 4), Bow (Tier 3), Arcane Staff (Tier 3), Nature Staff (Tier 3), Holy Staff (Tier 7)

Forceful Bolts
Every 3 normal attacks, your attack will knock the enemy away and interrupt their spell casting.
Found on: Crossbow (Tier 4)

Every 3 normal attacks, your attack will root the enemy.
Found on: Frost Staff (Tier 4)

Every 5 activated spells, all your damage gets increased.
Found on: Fire Staff (Tier 7), Cursed Staff (Tier 4), Crossbow (Tier 7), Frost Staff (Tier 7)

Temporary Threat Bonus
Your threat generation is increased every normal attack.
Found on: Sword (Tier 3), Quarterstaff (Tier 4), Hammer (Tier 4), Mace (Tier 3)



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