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My Inspirations and Opinions about Albion Online

I was Inspired to share my thoughts and opinions due to recent topics. As some of my opinions might not fit exactly the way I would like them to in Sandbox Interactive's vision for Albion(Casual Friendly), maybe my opinions might spark a better more compromised idea? As always, I am just trying to help.


Albion Online


Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, my opinions, not entirely new information. Matter of fact I am sure you could probably run a search and find me saying some of these things almost a year ago. But since they are being brought up again, and with new changes to the game, here they go again.


As I see it, a good baseline starting point before testing would be something like this.

Max Group Size : 5 Players

Max Raid Size : 4 Groups

Max Guild Size : 100 Players

Max Alliance Size : 3 guilds

Friendly Fire: Turned On (Note: Can Knock Down but CAN NOT execute guild members or alliance members.)


Max Group Size:

  • As it is now, allows for the development of challenging and competitive PvE and PvP content.
  • Apply Friendly Fire; to anyone outside of Group or Raid.


Max Raid Size:

  • Allows for the development of challenging and competitive PvE and PvP content.
  • Allows for more strategic calling and field organization in both PvE and PvP content.
  • (Generic Example) Group 3 Push, Group 4 Flank, Group 2 and 1 close off exits.
  • Apply Friendly Fire; to anyone outside of Group or Raid
  • Also, helps to define what a Zerg is. (Anything larger then a Raid)


Max Guild Size:

  • Adds a Layer of annoyance to guilds that's naturally desire is to Zerg.
  • This would aide in changing the thought dynamics and perspective of new and old guilds as they now have a ceiling. This ceiling will act as a motivator with the idea that limited seating is available and one must preform and/or stay active in order to keep their slot.
  • Goes in conjunction with Max Alliance Size in the aide of defining and preventing Zergs.


Max Alliance Size:

  • Similar to the purpose behind Guild Size, This forces tougher decisions on leaders when picking allied guilds.
  • This also adds a layer of annoyance to those trying to work around the system in place. So if a guild wants to form 3 guilds of 100 and create an alliance with them they are still capped at a 300 member alliance.


Additional Thoughts and Opinions:


  • Zergs and Friendly Fire.
  • My opinions below, no need to fact check.
  • Zergs are the bane of Competition.
  • Zergs spoil fun for not just competitive players but for casuals and new players alike.
  • Friendly Fire is the bane of Zergs.
  • As mentioned above, (Note; Can Knock down but CAN NOT execute guild members or alliance members.)


Guild Perks:

  • Guilds need a real perk system.
  • Maybe an Albion themed tier system style perk system.
  • Alliance Perks:
  • A different type of Perks then those of Guild Perks.
  • Currently there isn't any perk for being in an alliance other then friendly fire being turned off and a simple chat option.


Guild Management Tools:

  • One of the most important features to me and one of the most lacking in the game.


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