A Sandbox Game: Albion Online More Details

upalbion Date: Dec/20/16 11:32:17 Views: 1738

A sandbox game is a game world can be manipulated and "exploited" (within game intention) to the point where the developers of the game actually have no idea what will happen to their game world once players get their hands on it. Almost every single MMO that hits the market now adays boasts "sandbox" and make it clear that the definition of sandbox has been utterly mutilated. 



AO's system in reality is no different than every other MMO, The system works like GW2 where what you wear is what you are, and being able to have variety in AO really only means you don't have to have alt characters. So instead of saying "Im going to log onto my warlock" you will say "I am going to the bank to change to my warlock gear.) 


Albion are true sandbox games(you can call that my opinion if you like). That is because players can build anywhere in the world they like with little or no restriction. According to current definition, if Albion is sandbox then so is World of Warcraft. You can't slap guild territory control and full loot zones on a label then dub it sandbox.