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  • The Artifact System Arrive To The Final Beta Of Albion Online 05/27/2017
    Albion Online continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and this time Sandbox Interactive, creators of this MMORPG, have confirmed the news that will be presented along with the release of the final beta. Under the name of the Artifacts, these objects will give the characters a unique look thanks to new types of equipment, abilities and unique spells, in addition to increasing their power and versatility.
  • Albion Online Overview: The Main Innovations Of The Hector Update 05/26/2017
    Sandbox Interactive announces the latest major update before the official launch of Albion Online. "Hector" will be available on June 7, 2017 and will add numerous new features to the Sandbox MMORPG and rework existing ones. So not only the Hellgates and the Outlands are changed, the update adds to the game also the Black Market.
  • Albion Online Zerg vs Zerg Tips To Build All-In Wailing Bow 05/25/2017
    Yesterday, Albion Online shows an useful All-In Wailing Bow guide that created by Shankz. The All-In Wailing Bow build is an extremely efficient build for huge skirmishes and massive fights in general, but it is also capable of dealing good damage in smaller matches. Being created around the Demon Arrow ability, the build offers huge range with great base damage that increases when hitting multiple enemies at once. Basically, the more enemies you are fighting, the more potential damage you can deal.
  • Albion Online: One Of Highlights Of Hector Features - Black Market 05/24/2017
    Since the release date of Albion Online was released, there have been a lot of changes and updates in game in the past few weeks. In addition to the Revamped Hellgates and Outlands Improvements, the developers announced new feature - the Black Market.
  • Albion Online: Final Beta Will Come To Game 05/23/2017
    Albion Online is a massively multiplayer role-playing game developed by Sandbox Interactive. In this open world, players start from scratch and must themselves generate resources, create buildings and participate in epic combat against various invaders. The game focuses on PvP, an area where teamwork and speed will be the key to winning over opponents.
  • Gain Some Money In Galahad - More Albion Online Gold And Experience 05/22/2017
    Many players fall in love with Albion Online at the moment they entered the new world. However, it is not easy for players to explore around Albion Online which is full of danger around every corner. You have to learn how to win others in the game. Also, you should ensure you have enough Albion Online gold to enhance your character and your weapons.
  • Albion Online Peview: Minor Changes Improved In Hector Outlands 05/20/2017
    According to the Game Director of Albion Online, in addition to major changes Galahad brings to the Outlands, there are some minor things will be improved in Outlands, such as the roles and goals of the Outlands cities and reward balancing while they don't want to change the lawless identity of the black zones.
  • UpAlbion Tips to Survive In Albion Online 05/19/2017
    Albion Online will be available on July 17th and it attracted a lot Albion players. I'm sure that Albion players also want to try PC mode. Just like Albion, you need to make a fresh start in PC mode, so why not to buy Albion Online gold on UpAlbion and make a fortune in the game? UpAlbion provides all kinds of Albion Online gold safely and securely and at excellent prices.
  • Albion Online Review And Characteristics 05/18/2017
    Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO experience available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It brings together all the characters on a main server hosting a giant and ever-growing world. You choose how to advance in your adventure: at home or on the road! And also totally in Castilian.
  • Legit Albion Online Gold Hot Sale On UpAlbion All Gained By Skilled Gamers 05/16/2017
    Want to stand out from tens of thousands of players in Albion Online? It is necessary for you to stock up enough Albion Online gold to ensure you can achieve this goal. If it is hard for you to gain Albion Online gold in game, why not to buy Albion Online gold cheap and fast from Albion Online gold selling site?
  • Albion Online's Impression On PC 05/16/2017
    Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a free to play medieval MMO. It's a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world.
  • Albion Online Is Very Much About Risk VS Reward 05/15/2017
    Albion Online, is set to come to be available on 17th July and development is now well under way. Later, you will be seeing more and more of the new continent as the release date approaches. Now, it is high time for you to buy Albion Online gold cheap on UpAlbion to make early preparation for the big update in Albion Online.
  • UPAlbion News: The Reasons Why You Should Play Albion Online 05/13/2017
    Albion Online is an excellent game where you can get rich fairly quickly, if you know a few tips and tricks. The game has undergone many changes since it was originally announced, but overall Albion Online will bring a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy - where all equipment items are player-crafted - along with a unique classless system and much more.
  • Albion Online Galahad Patch 1.0.319 Features Small Fixes 05/12/2017
    Finally, Albion Online released the sixth patch for Galahad update. The small incremental patch fixed some small issues that influence the gaming experience, like the kit repair duration, the limit of specialist trophies and so on.
  • Albion Online - Event Details For "Camlann For Ever" On May 12 05/10/2017
    The Sandbox Interactive MMORPG better known as Albion Online will soon be entitled to its Francophone community event! So here's all there is to know for the unfolding of the festivities, which will take place Friday night.
  • Cheap Albion Online Gold Always Available For Sale On UpAlbion 05/10/2017
    As a Albion Online player, chances are that you will in need of Albion Online gold while playing the game. In fact, you don't have to waste a lot time to get plenty of Albion money in game. Yes, it is much easier for you to get Albion Online gold from online website, like UpAlbion. As a most trusted Albion Online gold shop 2017, we provide cheap Albion Online gold with best customer service. We guarantee that you can get Albion Online gold safe and fast on our site once your order is confirmed.
  • Trusted Albion Online Sites To Buy Cheap And Safe Gold 05/09/2017
    Albion Online, you know now, is a MMORPG skillfully mixing PVE and PVP. These two archetypes of radically opposed gameplay find their place and blend with a perfect harmony on the Sandbox game. Also, when an advent points to the horizon on Albion, it is unnecessary to ask whether it will be PVE or PVP. It will be both! The release of Albion Online will take place on July 17, so it is wise for you to buy cheap and safe Albion Online gold on UPAlbion ahead to make preparation for the new update.
  • Go Further In Farming Resources On Albion Online 05/08/2017
    In the previous guide on farm and farming resources in Albion Online, we have given some practical leads to get you started in this activity at best without wasting time. And for those wishing to go further in farming resources, here are some tricks, necessary, to save time and save energy, because farmer in demand. For those who do not like it, to say that it will take an hour or two to search for resources can quickly become a chore that could end the pleasure of the game, then to remedy it here are some tricks that have made their proofs!
  • Albion Online: The More You Farm, The More Mastery You Gain 05/06/2017
    New players often ask the same questions in global chat and on forums. While their questions get answered most of the time, they also catch flack from people tired of hearing the same thing being asked. Like some players wonder that whether the farming ever pay off. The mastery mechanics really reward focusing on a specific area of a profession. Here we'll show you some tips.
  • Get Into Albion Online Easlier With Cheapest Gold In UPAlbion 05/05/2017
    In order to ensure you can benefit the most of Albion Online, you should make early plan and prepare enough necessary resources and stuffs that you might use. If you need Albion Online money, you should take your time to buy Albion Online gold cheap on UPAlbion.
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