Albion: How To Get A Mount And Other Gifts In A Festive Event

upalbion Date: Dec/07/16 13:34:14 Views: 1414

Thanks to MMORPG Albion Online developers, you will be invited to join a special event. It's said to that three servants Santa Claus Will be hidden in the world of Albion On December 10, 21:00 GMT. Additionally, some tips will be shared with you, Sandbox Interactive will reveal their whereabouts.



All you have to do - is to find them. But here's the catch - the path to finding mates will pass through PvP zones, but to save them, you need to stand near the prisoners a few minutes. So watch out for the rear and call more friends.


Once you have found an assistant and stood next to him, you are asked to protect it until the teleportation process takes place in a safe place. Give your consent via chat (/ say), you are ready to defend the assistant went to report the time. Players are waiting for the following prizes:


Third Assistant Mount Tamed Lyutomedved (Saddled Direbear) + 1x Castle Chest (need to be next to the target of 8 minutes).

Second Assistant: T6 Artifact Set Master's Fiend + 1x Castle Chest (need to be next to the target 6 minutes).

First Mate: T6 artifact Master's Hellish Bolts + 1x Castle Chest (need to be next to the target 4 minutes).