Albion Is A Pay-to-win Game Or Not

upalbion Date: Dec/21/16 11:42:58 Views: 1802

If Albion is not a pay-to-win game, in that way, the page in the topic starter post really funny, in accordance to developers, they are basically claiming it's a pay-to-win game by saying "Get an edge over your competition", regardless of it is not. Anyway, it's said to that avid players have been decide to buy cheap albion online gold



That's a cute way for them to attempt to get whales to spend money on the game if that's the case.  Also kind of self-sabotaging too in that they're basically saying their game is pay-to-win even though it isn't, which could turn off some of their primary prospective playerbase. 


I wonder if whoever wrote that Albion webpage blurb took into consideration and weighed the advantages vs disadvantages of attempting to attract players with "Pay us to get an edge over your competition!" or "some website says the game is pay-to-win. I'll pass." My definition of pay to win is that you can purchase something that is not accessible by simply playing the game.


Nonetheless, you probably should more focus on Albion latest news and guides, at the same time, you can also pay much attention to official website UPAlbion, there is all what you want. Knowing the truth now, I think we can all agree though that Albion Online is not a Pay-to-Win game.