Albion is Very Shallow Compared with Ultima Online at Closed Beta

upalbion Date: Jan/07/16 15:11:06 Views: 1639

Albion Online is a great and a fun game, I'm loving it... BUT it's very shallow compared with Ultima Online at this moment.

Ultima Online is a more complete RPG, the focus of the game is the world. In UO if you remember you could have so many options to explore the world, develop your character, make your history... with 55 skills going from 0 to 100 and having 700 points to spare you had so many options and so many ways to play.

You could be a bard that walks invisible though dungeons while lock picking chests, a tamer that train animals to use for battle or sell them, a warrior that throw explosive potions, a blacksmith that never left the town and got rich by selling exceptional katanas, a carpenter that sell furniture or musical instruments, a thief that steal and run light goods from other people backpacks... a guy that painted himself with white paint and walked around naked with a spear pretending to be a savage...

In the other hand Albion Online is a game focused in controlling territories/goods through pvp, everything else supports that gameplay, from crafting to pve.

The combat is basic and fun, like a moba - not like UO where you had tons of micro things that interacted with each other. You have few buttons to press, but everything is balanced around groups fighting other groups, where one is the healer, one is the damage dealer, someone is in charge of holding people, another guy of pushing and so on.