Albion: Its New Weapon Spell And So On

upalbion Date: Dec/20/16 11:29:28 Views: 1305

Albion Online, its the next content update, it was called Elaine, additionally, added three new spells, notably, Crossbows are getting two new spells. A Q-slot spell, Exploding Shot, both that shoots an exploding bolt towards a small arena of your choice. 



The second Crossbow spell is Noise Eraser, a skill shot going on the weapon’s second slot. Aim it carefully to silence your enemy. The Axe line is also getting a new spell for their second slot: Internal Bleeding. As you swing your Axe, you deal damage to all foes around you and make them bleed.


Last Week’s Legends

Every week, Legends are born in Albion Online! Take for example Minmoeth, who has found a very enjoyable way to make profit in Albion.


Keeper Artifacts

With the next content update around the corner, it was time to reveal the Keeper Artifact items. Click here to find out all about the Bedrock Mace, Mistcaller, and more.