Albion Online: FAYE Was Launched And More Update

upalbion Date: Nov/25/16 11:37:28 Views: 1277

Currently, Albion Online hosts its fourth big update: FAYE. Many novelties and improvements are coming. We list them below.



Improved play comfort

The function "Persistent Mount"

Appearance of a new Biome: Forests

Disappearance of the transmutation buildings.

Managing the degradation of your buildings.

Arrival of new emote commands for your character.

Music integration (19 songs created for the game).

A new "Badge" option to see come ahead of other players.

The guards of the city gates are stationed in watchtowers.

Appearance of Essences: new essential element of refining from T4.

And especially for the arrival of the winter season, Albion Online dresses up 

Appearance of the malus "Bandit" for those who attack the non-bandit with handicap to the key.

Decorations and lights and gives the possibility to create a special T4 mount "Yule Deer" that is reminiscent of Santa Claus reindeer.