Albion Online & Guild Spotlight: The Creation Of Violence Sector

upalbion Date: Jan/18/17 14:53:15 Views: 1362

Albion Online latest update: with regard to this week's guild spotlight features the Russian-speaking guild Violence Sector. Arguably, A guild, and it started out as a home for casuals, nowly, it's aim to compete against the top of Albion's guilds. Hence, gamers should collect more albion online gold in Albion Online, you can access to official website UPAlbion to get more. 



The Creation Of Violence Sector


Violence Sector was founded by Aratorn, shortly after the start of Final Beta. Aratorn created his guild with the goal of uniting Russian-speaking gamers from all over the world in a casual environment. To achieve this, he focused on recruiting active people that recently joined the world of Albion, who showed their motivation through their actions rather than playtime.


In most cases of MMORPG the game is not convidative for new players, this happens because veteran players are so powerful. On “sandbox game style”, the veteran players has better items, stats and skills, so before new players get to wild trying to gain skills. 


With the years the new players base slow , but always surges a new person intends to join the game, so the problem is the lands for low level players are very unhabited cause the long term of players playing in areas for upper levels this thing turn the game not friendly for new players cause he will join a MMO for play alone. For information can be found on official website: