Albion Online & Guild Spotlight: The Introduction Of Llaw Arian

upalbion Date: Feb/09/17 14:08:16 Views: 1285

In the new weekend, and with regard to guild spotlight update again, the introduction of Llaw Arian, a multitude of gamers want to know details, apparently, let's us analyze a guild that has quickly risen in the ranks of Albion Online.



Even if being a comparatively new guild, compared to some of the well-established guilds in Albion, it's said to that Llaw Arian has already fought against many enemies showing them, hence, there is no doubt that they was called one of the strongest guilds the game currently has to offer.  Related guild spotlight details and update, you need to pay more attention to


A System Born Out of Experience


It's no hyperbole to say that Llaw Arian has approximately 40 years of combined experience in leading guilds, Llaw Arian is structured around the members’ personal dedication, motivation, and loyalty. 


SUPERkiiz explains: “We don’t have a communistic system where we enslave our members and demand donations from them. Our guild grows with our members’ loyalty and dedication for the guild. The members commit as much to the guild as they want, resulting in them feeling some kind of ownership for the guild when we keep growing.”


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