Albion Online & Guilds Spotlight: One Purpose, One Surprise, One Guild

upalbion Date: Jan/12/17 14:56:09 Views: 1219

MonkeyFR, when its guild leader of Les Gaulois entered the world of Albion firstly, to be honest, in the harsh as well as competitive environment of the game, he already know that it is awfully harder for a solo player to survive. He made a decsion to create a guild with the single purpose of working together with likeminded people so as to overcome the barrier Rather than try his fortunate as a solo player. To buy cheap albion online gold, keep in mind that you need to access to official website: UPAlbion



Until now the former convenience guild has grown into one of the finest guilds in Albion. Actually, albeit most of the members are French, francophone gamers from all over the world have been engaged in their ranks. According to the leadership of the Gauls, they decided to take a more flexible approach on the guild's central decision making. 


The Gauls have become quite an effective running machine and thanks to the maintenance of their specialists they keep increasing their productivity on a daily base. While every Gaul is doing his share to keep the guild rolling a handful of people are sharing a bit more. It's essential to buy cheap albion online silver in time. 


Cohesion and human values are more important for them than pure efficiency. They understand that their system, especially in terms of reaction time, is flawed compared to “military like” guilds such as Red Army or War Legend and yet, to be able to keep their principles, they are more than willing to accept that.


Firstly of all, when it comes to brains of the guild, InsaneDayD as well as MonkeyFR, his second in command. While MonkeyFR has the ability to find a solution for any situation, regardless of the complexity, InsaneDayD is the one that is capable of inciting the whole guild to reach for higher goals again and again. 


Secondly, we have Marsch and Atikin as well as Shinhe, Atalaka, and Wildsaoul. Marsch and Atikin are the guild’s elders, their wisdom and knowledge and their commitment in integrating new members are keystones of the Gauls’ recruitment and training. 


Last but not least, we have the military section of the Gauls. Kunmoe and Tetenne, the two warmasters of the guild, are leading Les Gaulois from one victory to another. Both are supported by the guild’s own intelligence service - the I.S.G. - which is led by Narym and Alexscott. For Albion Online guild news, check out more: