Albion Online & New Trailer: Exploring The Lore Of The Keepers

upalbion Date: Dec/13/16 11:42:26 Views: 1568

A new trailer has been sent out by the Albion Online team, without any doubt, it's certain to appeal to lore hounds everywhere. Regarding the new video, it's majorly that the Keepers and their role in the world is explored. Speaking of its The Keepers, it was called the original inhabitants of the world, and occupy the forests, They need to spend their time protecting the land from invaders through utilize natural magic. If you missed chance buy cheap albion gold, you would be Extremely disappointment.



Other than that the game might be great, but them graphics and combat mechanics makes me wonder if this is a Flash game in my web browser. So the original inhabitants of the world were white haired long bearded old dudes with a Gandalf complex.


The game does keep getting better. I'll hop back in after they have their final wipe. There is a bit of a grind to the crafting and I really don't want to burn out on it. I found out that in order to achieve something in the game, you need to have an active, strong guild.


For the contested (red / black) zones, I need to spend time on exploring it. On top of that, to a certain extent, the game is also P2W, at the same time, you can pretty much buy powerful gear with real cash, nonetheless, I did not really mind in this type of game. Don't cheat yourself, can you reject cheap albion online silver?