Albion Online & Purchasing Albion: New Gamer

upalbion Date: Dec/10/16 13:24:13 Views: 1491

As a matter of fact, I would like to say that I'm a complete noob, I'm intending to purchase Albion, due to I have been expecting to playing a MMO game, Previously, I have played Mobile Strike as well as Travians. To that end, my concern is if I would like the game or not. Futhermore, out of the three packs which one shoud I buy as I do not understand the difference expect for the gold part.



As for the founder packs, you're probably better off buying the veteran's pack ($30) right now as you can always upgrade by paying the price difference. At this point in the game the main difference is the gold. The legendary founders also get both a horse and ox mount but player-crafted mounts are now readily available in the markets in-game so not having the legendary mounts is a not much of a loss. 


Apart from that there is some minor stuff like an avatar, it's up to you whether you want that stuff or not. On wipe or release legendary founders will have a 2 day head start and epic founders a 1 day head start compared to the veteran founders. You can always decide if that is something you want closer towards wipe or release.


For those who never played a sandbox MMO game before,  like me, I'm just concerned if I will be able to understand how to play or will I be overwhelmed. Needless to say, there will be lots happening around. I'm interested in new stuff,especially for trying new stuff but if it helps,at the same time, the parts I liked about Travians.