Albion Online & The Final Beta: It Soon To Be Start

upalbion Date: Nov/22/16 16:50:21 Views: 1396

How to take out your own land and work hard to earn your keep? Albion Online is a Sandbox Interactive gameplay, player can creat their own society. You have chance to get involved in the beta program in the beginning of August. Fortunately, you can get cheap albion online silver online quickly and conveniently.



Albion Online has you explore the medieval world of Albion in this sandbox MMORPG game. You can take on a variety of roles and live them out: craftsman, merchants, farmers, and fighters all have their place in this virtual world.


The players are what define the game world, from the buildings they make and the weapons they forge. You can go PvE, PvP, or even challenge your own guild against another.


To jump in on this last round of beta tests, head on over here. You’ll have to buy a Founder’s Pack first, and their cost starts at $30. Legendary packs get access starting on August 1st, while Veteran members need to wait until the 3rd.


Now that Albion Online is available on Linux, Windows as well as Mac, nonetheless, you can also make use of it on Android tablets. For those of you interested in checking out more about the game, head on over to