Albion Online: A Holiday Event Soon To Be Come

upalbion Date: Dec/07/16 13:27:09 Views: 1455

On December 10, 19:00 UTC, This new Albion holiday event are about to open. Note that: It requires you to search for three helpers. The uncle will have rewards for you. When it comes to the story, it behind this event follows three helpers who kidnapped by bandits. Cheap gold for sale online included cheap albion gold


These Helpers are the only ones who can open the chests, where the holiday toys are stored. They did not give in to the demands, so they have been abandoned by the bandits in the wilds of Albion, and Uncle Frost requires your help to find them.


Uncle Frost’s helpers will be scattered around the world and the players need to look for them. One after the other, locations for each will be revealed, and every time will be more precise. These helpers will be in PvP enabled zones, and in order to catch them, you need to stand near them for a few minutes. It's seems to that any players are busy buying albion online silver.



When you are standing next to a Helper, you will be asked to stay close while they teleport to safety. When this happens, you need to confirm via the /say chat you will take care of this Helper and the timer can start. If you are able to find the Helpers and rescue them, you’ll get a reward, different for each Helper.


The first Helper you find requires four minutes to save after which you will receive a Master’s Hellish Bolts Artifact (Tier 6) and one Castle Chest. The second Helper will need 6 minutes to save, and will award you with a Master’s Fiend Set Artifacts (Tier 6) and one Castle Chest as well. 


If you attempt to saving the third helper, which takes 8 minutes to rescue, for anticipated-much rewards, including both a Saddled Direbear and one Castle Chest. Remember, you can merely acquire these rewards once per helper, as well as the first player meeting the required time will get them, and don't need to take the group size into consideration. Keep in mind that cheap albion online gold for sale