Albion Online: A New Land Auction System

upalbion Date: Dec/30/16 11:31:48 Views: 1359

In order to prevent a constant blockade of building plots, in addition, for the purpose of give players joining Albion Online later a fair chance at owning a desirable building space, in accordance to Sandbox Interactive, a new system is introduced, which is the land auction system as well as changed how land is acquired and kept in the world of Albion Online.




Players now can purchase any plot – as long as they are able to outbid the previous owner. Building plots in cities start as "unclaimed" and can be purchased for a certain silver fee. The plot will then be considered "owned". The owner then can erect crafting stations and houses on the plot. Albion Online players has a clearer idea, which is buy cheap albion gold.


One week before the end of any lease interval, the bidding on the plots will start. The auction will utilize a maximum bid system: you enter the maximum amount of silver you would be willing to invest for a plot. If somebody else also wants to acquire the plot, your own bid is adjusted up until your maximum bid. If you are the current owner of the plot, your bids count double.


Needless to say, you can always increase your maximum bid, since you have the silver available, once you choose to buy cheap albion online silver. Note that, this bidding period will last for six days, when the seventh day, for the current owner, only they can increase his bid to prevent him from being sniped at the last second. Interested players can find more information on Albion Online’s Website:UPAlbion