Albion Online: A Sandbox MMORPG Set In Open Medieval Fantasy World

upalbion Date: Aug/14/17 14:52:17 Views: 1260

"A sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world." This is how the game Albion Online is described on its official website. And this game officially comes out!



Complete Personalization


In Albion Online, you can forget what you know about other MMOs. Here there is no class system and the player is completely free to wear the outfits and items that he likes. There is no more restriction according to the classes and the level of personalization is at its maximum.


However, in order not to lose the players, it was decided to retain some elements of a more traditional MMORPG. Indeed, a kind of skill tree is present in order to give the player a glimpse of what he might become.


It is also possible not to say necessary to build one's own home in Albion Online. Indeed, in your home, even furniture will be important because each one grants special bonuses and abilities to your character. So be sure to think carefully when choosing your furniture.


Consider To Survive


In this game, it's all about strategy. Each element must be carefully considered. In conquest, it is necessary to choose the key regions according to the needs of the guild. In addition, it is necessary to build villages and, of course, to harvest resources as in any game of its kind. Moreover, when a player wishes to withdraw from the military aspect of his guild, he can still contribute to the development of the guild by retiring to his personal island on which he can create resources and distribute them to his Companions where to sell them on the market.


Because yes, on Albion Online, you can trade your resources with other players. If you are looking for a specific item, go to the market where you can exchange in abundance and find the property you are looking for.


Albion Online is a multi-platform game available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. To discover it now, it happens here.