Albion Online: Albion Premium Service And More Details

upalbion Date: Dec/15/16 13:51:52 Views: 1786

As a matter of fact, Albion is a buy to play game. Particularly, if you are about to buy the game, at least, you start out with a month worth of premium service. Of course, at the end of the month, you have a option such as renew your premium service. Anyway, you can continue to enjoy the game. Nonetheless, for Albion Online, the great part is that it is easy to renew your premium service. 



YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY GOLD from their shop in order to renew the premium service. On the contrary, they are extremely willing to buy cheap albion gold on gaming official websites. In conclusion, premium service is easy to get with in game currency and once you buy Albion once, you will never have to purchase gold from a cash shop ever again.


Assuming Albion is NOT a pay-to-win game, it makes that page in the topic starter post really funny.  The developers are basically claiming it's a pay-to-win ("pay-to-win" being "pay-to-advantage" in this context) game by saying "Get an edge over your competition", even though it (assumedly hypothetically) is not.


That's a cute way for them to attempt to get whales to spend money on the game if that's the case.  Also kind of self-sabotaging too in that they're basically saying their game is pay-to-win even though it isn't, which could turn off some of their primary prospective playerbase. In a nutshell, it's seems to that players can not be missing cheap albion silver.