Albion Online: Artifact System Will Be Presented

upalbion Date: Dec/22/16 10:18:23 Views: 1283

In the next beta of the Albion Online MMORPG, the batch of new features will be presented. Additionally, for those who the most energetic gamers, they will able to make the most weapons in the game. Sandbox Interactive are attempt to restoring it, what this means is that the current PVE content in the dungeons thanks to these rare lootings. Don't cheat yourself, can you reject cheap albion online silver?



The Artefacts are ancient relics dating from the terrible war that brought about the destruction of Albion 1300 years ago. Fragments are scattered in the darkest dungeons and craftsmen who manage to gather enough fragments can reforge these powerful Artifacts in an Alloy Workshop.


Not only do the artifacts have a unique appearance and a higher basic power, but especially dedicated spells and skills. Each main weapon, secondary and equipment set will be equipped with an Artifact. In total, there are no less than 81 new items: 45 weapons, 9 secondary weapons (left hand) and 9 sets of armor (helmet, torso, boots). They will appear in the drop account during the beta.


Regarding the interest of artefacts, it can bring variety in the player's specialization, on the whole,  a player must focus on one of the three subcategories of a weapon to acquire all specialty bonuses. Notably, the artifacts are located on the main node of the weapon category that unlocks the different Third-Party weapons. The three artefacts in the category will automatically power up by unlocking third parties. At the same time, by buying cheap albion online gold, and you can play so fun gameplay.