Albion Online: Become The Founder And Play

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Albion Online is not the belated multiplayer part of the rolling game of the same name, but a completely new MMORPG with many successful approaches. Become a hero and an explorer in medieval and be present at the birth of a new world.



Albion Online completely dispenses with a class system. Instead, your gaming style depends on what equipment you are using. You want to be a warrior? Equip the sword, shield, and plate armor. A magician? No problem: magic wand and light robes. Fight your opponents as an archer with arrows? Also you can do that in Albion.


A specialization you can nevertheless aspire. So, like the Path of Exile, Albion Online has a talent tree where you can choose passive skills, just as you think fit for your gameplay.


Albion Online: The Time Of The Dark Medieval


Albion Online is another sandbox MMORPG that seems to be so popular with the developers these days. If the wave of Asian MMOs from a few years ago were well surpassed, the "player-driven" games, in which the community determine trade and the world, are increasingly in the foreground.


The craft aspect is no longer the focus, but the desire for exploration and construction. Players design entire cities by hand, create their own equipment, ride mounts through the game world, and trade in realistic and dynamic business cycles, which are also determined by the players.


But also a PvP element may not be missing in Albion Online. For medieval, the site of Albion Online provides all sorts of possibilities. Fighting for territorial claims, a member of a clan has pushed the wrong sheep, or you just want to bury your ax again in another player.


Graphically, Albion Online is kept extremely simple in the material so far. The developers do without a mottled engine and leave with a runescape - look more space for imagination.


Albion Online: Become The Founder And Play


Albion Online is currently still in the alpha test phase. You can already snoop into the MMORPG by stating your own claim in "Whiteland". A total of three founder packages, with which you support the development of Albion Online, are available: Legendary, Epic, Veteran.