Albion Online Beginner's Guide: 4 Main Interface

upalbion Date: Dec/17/15 11:34:28 Views: 1767

Foreword: Please note that a lot has changed since this guide was written and even more will probably change.

There are 4 main interface in Albion online.


User Interface 

Main UI: 

Inventory UI


Chat Interface

For this test we have a brand new chat system, which features the ability to move, re-size the chat window and add new tabs to it. You have full control of each tab and which chat channels will be visible in those tabs.

Current chat channels are:

Global - /O - A global chat view able by everyone everywhere.

Guild - /G - Guild chat will be seen by every member of your guild (if you are part of one)

Alliance - /A - Alliance chat messages will be seen by every member of every guild in your alliance (if you are part of one)

Local - /L - Local chat will be seen by everyone in your current region

Whisper - /w Playername - Private messages

Say - /S - A local chat which will only be seen by people nearby you. 

Emote - /E - The emote channel, functions the same as the 'Say' channel. 

System - System message

Take damage - Damage received 

Give Damage - Damage dealt

Kill Player - Players killed

Heal Player - Players healed 


Crafting Interface


Marketplace Interface 

The marketplace is divided into 4 different screens: Buy, Sell, Orders and Complete 



The Sell Order screen essentially shows what you have in your inventory and if you are able to sell it.