Albion Online: Beginner's Guide To PvP Mode

upalbion Date: Jun/29/17 23:45:54 Views: 2370

Since Hellgates has been revamped in Albion Online, there are three different PvP modes for players. UpAlbion posts some tips and guides for beginners to survive in PvP battles.





 • Blue Zones - 2v2 (Knock down - Don't lose any gear)

 • Yellow Zones - 5v5 (Knock Down - Don't lose any gear)

 • Red/Black - 5v5 (Death - Loss of gear/items/back/etc)




 • 5v5 fights over Watch Towers & Building Plot Territories & Farms

 • 20v20 fights over Cities


Open World


 • Castle Fights

 • Noob Ganking

 • Random encounters in Dugeons/Roads/Territories/etc


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