Albion Online Brings DDoS Countermeasures To New Patch

upalbion Date: Aug/12/17 13:50:37 Views: 1477

The latest Albion Online patch brings countermeasures for DDoS attacks. To combat gold seller, Albion Online will hinder their ability to convert stolen payment data into tradable Albion currency. However, this patch is not an effective solution that directly address those issues. Anyway, the developer team is working for it.





♦ Added the ability to right-click player names in the chat window

        Added "whisper" to the menu

       • Added "report" to the menu

        Created new "report player" UI

♦ Added a popup on first login to warn players about the consequences of buying from third-party currency sellers (tl;dr we will ban you if you do)

♦ Added a requirement for using the gold market: at least one character on the same account must have been logged in since this patch while having Journeyman Adventurer unlocked




♦ Fixed another issue with Destiny Board tracker tracking everything when it shouldn't

♦ Fixed an issue with displaying Guild list for alliances with large numbers of Guilds

♦ Fixed incorrect silver payout of relic chests (4x/day chests) by a factor of 2 (to partially compensate for their substantially increased spawn rate)

♦ Fixed incorrect silver payout of relic coffers (castle chests) by a factor of 3 (ditto)