Albion Online: Buy-to Play & Buy Albion Gold

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A multitude of gamers are fond of Albion Online, even Albion Online seemingly a game that was made for them. Most online games regulate player interaction into a dirty corner of their theme park, hiding it under a tarp and only letting it out after sundown as an attempt to scare away those few stragglers still wandering the park. Are you expect to buy cheap albion online silver?



But Albion Online is a bit different, it doesn’t just relish in player interaction, it enforces it so brutally and mercilessly that unless you’re some kind of masochist you wouldn’t dare think of playing the game without a guild at your back. 


And by extending the Closed Beta period, Sandbox Interactive will be able to make some pretty big improvements to Albion Online, with the hope of making the game a long term success. By giving themselves more time, Albion Online can launch at its fullest potential.


The current Founder’s Packs will be discontinued when Albion Online launches and instead replaced with Starter Packs. These will grant access to the game but offer less value for money than the Founder’s Packs, which will also grant full access to the game. You can check out the extended list of major game improvements here:


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