Albion Online Continent Map With Region Specifi Resources

upalbion Date: Dec/28/15 16:51:31 Views: 3814

As some of you may know, I hate the current ruleset, but at the same time understanding that overhauling the rule set isn't something that can be implemented at will. Having said that, the suggested map below takes into account the current ruleset with the following:


  1. NO Fast travel of any kind. No boats, nothing.
  2. New characters can start in the city of their choice (Major resource type proximity is noted along with a snapshot of the map).
  3. NO private islands or private guild islands.
  4. Farm/building plots in the world, including yellow, red, and black zones.


Wood and ore is separated into opposite corners as they are both components of tools this would force players to develop an economy using the city market places as a persistent market that has meaning due to region specific resources.


Stone is persistent on each side as they are integral for developing buildings, something neutral to all builds.


The first image explains the size of the map and the tier MOBS encountered in each zone type by color. The size is a suggested minimum size of 353 zones.

The second image below shows the location of each tier resources. (some images only had the processed resource, please consider these as raw resources for this purpose). Green zone has tiers 1-3 of everything all over. Tier 4-8 however are in the specific regions forcing world travel.

This would develop a sensible local economy and would force travel. The current map is a series of "track housing" template style environments that do not differ, at its core.

The final image is where the cities would be.