Albion Online Destiny Board Advantage And Its gold/silver for Sale

upalbion Date: Jan/04/17 02:22:31 Views: 1281

When the Albion online launches, it may be a different story, as well all know, players can trade gold with other players for silver, this silver can then be used in the auction house /marketplace to buy recourses to craft, of course, you are gear or board, in other word, your destiny board which gives you an advantage. Meanwhile, cheap albion online silver on UPAlbion can be purchased by players, we offer cheapest silver or gold for you.



What Exactly is This Advantage?


used for guild plots

you can pay plots with it as well as crafting costs 

it saves you the time you need to get the recourses 


Those 3 are the major things I can think of out of the blue then the question is will this affect the free player?


Not all that much if you got the time to play, besides if they spend gold they wont have to farm as much silver, giving the dungeons basically to the free player. 


As leader of a merchant guild, this is most likely destroying the meaning of such guild. If you can buy in-game currency to obtain any resources/weapons you need with real Money, Notably, also keep in mind that you should choose a credible official website such as UPAlbion. 


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