Albion Online - Details Of Next Content Of Lancelot Update

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Albion Online seeks new incentives to promote content for solo players and small groups


Robin Henkys, director of the MMORPG Albion Online, tells us in detail the next features that will complement the open game world, which according to him, will give him more depth and complexity.


The next update 'Lancelot', aims to strengthen exploration in the open world, especially for solo players and small groups. To this end, they will add two new features: more roaming mobs and luxury goods.




Roaming Mobs and Luxury Goods


These "Roaming" Mobs are designed to be defeated by solo players or small groups. These monsters will have a rarity and difficulty that will vary, from basic scouts to powerful bosses who will give large amounts of fame and silver.


"Roaming mobs will add new dimensions to Albion's open world: in addition to providing new and more varied PvE opportunities", they comment in the entrance. Supposedly this feature will favor more 1v1 encounters, since gatherers and "mob hunters will find themselves on the road, as well as giving us the opportunity to obtain a new type of object: Luxury Goods.


"Luxury goods are special items dropped by mobs, consisting of 18 different antiquities from Albion's past. Due to their historical value, they are highly sought after by collectors in different cities. While they cannot be used by players directly, each of these treasures can be sold at a fixed price in a particular city's marketplace."


The purpose of these new additions is to vary the rewards earned by killing monsters, in addition to;


• It will open new trade and transport opportunities for players who want to buy them at a lower price in a city that is not their destination and transport them to the

• It will add a new dimension to Albion's economy, with a relative value of each luxury item in a given location (as always) given by the collective activity of all players

• It will provide new PvP opportunities for those looking to kill and loot players who transport them.


As far as you can see in the video, they are the same monsters that we can see now in the game, but randomly placed on the map.


Do you find this new addition interesting that will come with the next update of 'Lancelot'?


On the other hand, the new rewards of the referral season have also been presented.


The new referral season lasts until March 11. There are three ways to collect the rewards and win a Moabird:


• The easiest way is to send Trial Keys to your friends. Each key redeemed in a keyless account will count towards the progress of your referral season.

• Additionally, any Starter Pack that you buy and be exchanged for an account without keys will also count towards your progress.

• And last but not least: if a friend registers through your referral link, and then buys and redeems a Starter Pack in the account, it will also progress.