Albion Online - Developers Will Continue To Improve Server Performance

upalbion Date: Dec/18/17 21:32:30 Views: 1979

Technical Director MMORPG Albion Online David Salz in the new video spoke about the process of improving the performance of the server and beta iOS-version of the game.



After installing the patch "Kay" game performance has improved significantly, but in massive battles (where there are 200 or more players), some problems are still noticeable.


A small update, released on December 14, corrected the error, in which the skills processed by the server caused performance problems. Such a correction should improve the situation in large-scale battles, but work in this direction is still underway.


Employees of Sandbox Interactive try to reduce the frequency of certain events, changing the order of updates or combining them. That is, the team can significantly improve the speed of computing, without affecting the gameplay, but it needs to be careful and make a lot of effort for testing. The patch "Kay # 2", the output of which is expected in the early period of January, will bring with it significant performance improvements.




In November beta testing of the client for iOS started, so people are already playing in Albion Online from their iPhones and iPads. Previously, devices with 2GB RAM were in question, but along with the "Kay" update, the developers made significant improvements in memory consumption: all iPhones and aipads with RAM 2GB should now work without problems. Naturally, the same improvements will be made for devices on the Android platform in the near future.