Albion Online Does Not Negotiate With DDoS Extortionists

upalbion Date: Aug/11/17 13:57:50 Views: 1381

The studio behind Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive, fights on two fronts. It is against Goldseller before and faces itself with blackmailers, which put on DDoS attacks. Problems that are reminiscent of a cinema thriller, but are frighteningly real.


We have reported that Albion Online suffered DDoS attacks on the weekend. As a result, players often can not gamble, while Albion Online is much more successful than expected, and wants to use the favor of the hour. Now there are more details.



Albion Online: To Give You Money Would Be The Wrong Solution


The piquant about the thing: The DDoS attacks are at the same time a blackmail attempt. Apparently, the studio received a money claim. The blackmailers want ransom, otherwise they continue with the DDoS attacks.


From the studio behind Albion Online there is a statement about the affair: You will in no case give in and pay money. This is self-evident. That would be the worst thing you could do.


Any extortion attempts and any DDoS attacks will be passed on to the relevant authorities. The chances of reaching someone is realistic, but sometimes it happens.


If the authorities snap someone, you will always pursue as fully and harshly as it is possible, no matter where the attacker is. Sandbox Interactive says: These activities are a crime in every jurisdiction of the world. It is always possible to find a local law firm that enforces the law.


Improve Infrastructure, Compensation To The Fans


In the meantime, the fans are told: There is no quick solution against DDoS attacks. They work with experts to improve the infrastructure that protects Albion Online.


Players are offered compensation for their lost time. That is why you want to take care when the problem is solved.


Albion Online Wants To Freeze Accounts Of Gold Sellers


The fight against Goldseller leads Sandbox Interactive indirectly. You do not want to attack the Goldseller directly, because in the past it has turned out to be fruitless, instead, the fraud reports to the credit card providers and PayPal. The studio behind Albion Online is trying to dry the gold sellers' money source.


Sandbox Interactive believes that if you let PayPal and the credit card companies know what's going on, they will quickly close their accounts. It is hoped that their money will be frozen.