Albion Online: Encourage Small-Scale PvP & Territory Fights

upalbion Date: Jan/30/17 19:19:57 Views: 1224

In Albion Online, if you are about to build PvP, and based on territory fights, arguably,  without enough time or guild large enough to frequently GvG. In view of this, It's seems to that a proposal coming from someone whose game is to prep his GvG as well as barely ever does anything else. More gold on sale such as cheap albion online gold for sale, don't miss the best time to buy it.


When it comes to Albion Online, this game should offer fun things. For instance, all kind of people as well as smaller groups/guilds. 10-20 guilds will 'share' all the territories through fights but also alliances and there will not be anything left for others to do. Offer PvP fame based on your current PvP fame vs the fame of the guy you killed. The less PvP fame he has, the less fame you should get. 


Encourage Small-Scale PvP


While big guilds can have it their way in the Outlands, the Royal Continent is the place to be for small-scale PvP. By having the red zone hot spots in the center the continent, with an abundance of interesting objectives, we want to encourage PvP in the red zones. The reputation system will function as a safeguard, ensuring that big zerg guilds will not be profitable or viable in the Royal Continent, forcing them to go to The Outlands instead.


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