Albion Online: Faye Update & Down Into The Forest

upalbion Date: Dec/08/16 12:00:59 Views: 1495

The Faye update for the MMORPG Albion Online have been released by Sandbox Interactive. Which contains the Forest Biom. To that end, without enchanted as well as mysterious forests, what would be mystical MMORPGs? However, in Albion Online, you can now explore them, since the newly published Faye Update introduced the forest biom. Are you now attempt to buying cheap albion online gold?



Albion Darian Splash Art First steps for small guild warfare


But this is not all that the update brings. If you run a guild, but you are not good enough for the outlands, then fight in the yellow and red zones of the Royal Continent around the Watchtower Territories. You must take the Watchtower and hold it as a guild. Then you can reduce the raw materials in this area. New emotes like crying, laughing and dancing will allow you to express your feelings in the game.


If you are looking for a harmonious atmosphere, you can look forward to it, because the official "Albion Online" soundtrack has been integrated. 19 pieces of music now underline certain situations or places in the MMO. In the same turn the developers have also revised and adapted the sounds and noises in the game. A trip through Albion should thus be a particularly atmospheric pleasure.


It's worth mentioning that the other a new feature, for those who are happy with mounts, which should look forward to it. Futhermore, you can also now descend from a mount, on top of that, this will be near you, waiting for you to rise again. Additionally, there are some other changes. To name a few, fixed bugs and adjustments to the balancing of the MMORPGs Albion Online, cheap silver or gold, which contains cheap albion online silver for sale.