Albion Online Final Beta News: It Soon To Be Launched In August

upalbion Date: Nov/15/16 14:49:47 Views: 1199

Ultimately, for Albion Online gameplay, it's soon to be come to the final beta phase, the game will be started an grand final beta on August 1st, what's more, which will last two or three months. Nonetheless, in fact, it's not an open beta as well as to join the beta, you still need to find out a founder's pack holder or get beta invite. Now, It's said to that cheap albion online gold are in great demand.



There will be lots of new content, including a new world, completely revamped guild vs. guild system, overhauled item system, and crime and reputation system, etc. The final beta will still get a data wipe when it ends. You can learn more about final beta content at the official site.


The game will require an initial purchase, when Albion Online releases later this year, before the game launches, for those who own a founder's pack players, they will acquire full access to the final game. However, for new players, after launch to play the game, they can buy the starter pack, moreover, in accordance to the developer, founder's packs offer more value than the the starter packs. Albion Online players will require buy albion silver.