Albion Online Final Beta will Continue into Next Year

upalbion Date: Oct/21/16 04:27:31 Views: 1182

The Albion Online final beta has been running for some time. And the Albion Online team feels that they need improvement in the gameplay, thus the testing beta will be continue into the next year as it is said on the forum.


"The Final Beta has been running for a little more than two months. It is a good time to let you know our view on the status quo of the game and give you an update on the way forward.


Compared to Beta 1, we have fixed a lot bugs, addressed some critical game design issues and added new exciting features and content to the game. On the other hand, some of the changes made between Beta 1 and Final Beta have created new issues that need to be addressed.


On top of that, taking stock of Beta 1 and Final Beta, we still feel that some of the game's core gameplay is not yet where it should be."


The team have made the following decisions:

  • Final Beta will continue into the next year
  • There will be an in-beta wipe, most likely in February/March, once we have made the necessary improvements to the game and game world
  • If these improvements turn out well, we will release the game shortly thereafter


And also they plan to get changes for the game, like main changes in PvE, PvP, Economy, Progression and other aspects. For example,


  • Prevent city entrance camping by introducing guard towers
  • Improved starter zones and new player experience
  • Game performance improvements
  • New and Improved User Interface
  • In-Game Music and Improved Sounds
  • Bug fixes
  • Exploit & cheat prevention
  • + Lots of smaller tweaks and changes too numerous to list


Let's wait and see their changes!