Albion Online Galahad Patch 1.0.319 Features Small Fixes

upalbion Date: May/12/17 09:13:13 Views: 1173

Finally, Albion Online released the sixth patch for Galahad update. The small incremental patch fixed some small issues that influence the gaming experience, like the kit repair duration, the limit of specialist trophies and so on.





  Reduced repair kit duration by a factor of 10.

  Fixed an issue where Damage-over-Time abilities were not affected by the Reaver bonuses or other similar specific bonuses.

  Fixed an issue where specialist trophies were not correctly limited to their own labourer type.

  Fixed a couple of issues where boot/helmet abilities were incorrectly costing energy.

  Fixed an issue where other players would still see you as wearing items that were actually broken.

  Fixed an issue with some passive abilities still working when their item was broken.


Download the newest patch to fix these issues we mentioned above. Anyway, have you met other problems when you exploring the Galahad continent? Share with us or tell the support team.