Albion Online: Game World And Major Improvements

upalbion Date: Dec/29/16 10:57:52 Views: 1210

For the current status of the game, the makers of the upcoming MMORPG Albion Online will inform you, what's more, and reveal what players can expect in the future. It was announced that the planned Free2Play model was refused by Albion Online at the end of last year, wherein the title is sold at a fixed price at the end. Note that: found out more here: UPAlbion.



Content And Progress In Albion Online


"The beta test has shown that there are still some problems with these game settings - although they work excellently and provide a lot of fun - with the frequency, distribution in the world and the glory and rewards they offer, Concerns ", one writes. Therefore, in the future they will work on the improvement of these aspects, while adding new dungeons, goals and hell gates.


In addition, the character advancement system is to be improved, precisely as regards the distribution of the right mobs and resources in the game world and the progress achieved by them. They wanted to allow players to achieve progress in a variety of ways while providing a clear balance between risk and reward.


Red Zones And Black Zones In Albion Online


The purpose and purpose of the red and black zones will be emphasized more strongly in the future. In black zones, guilds and alliances are fighting for control. All regions that contain vulnerable territories are given the status of a black zone. Therefore, a much larger part of the game world should belong to the black zones and the most valuable resources will only be found there.


In the black zones, there will also be open-world buildings, which will give certain advantages and influence to the guilds they own. These buildings can be relatively freely built, claimed and destroyed by the players.


Red zones become PvP zones where all items can be plundered and where there are no territories that can be claimed. For the red zones a system of crimes and reputations is to be introduced, with which the killing of peaceful players has greater consequences for the aggressors, especially if they "zergen". More cheap gold for sale such as cheap albion online gold.