Albion Online Guide & Tips: Vampiric Build By Albion Mall

upalbion Date: Nov/15/16 14:45:21 Views: 1769

Albion Online latest news update, it's said to that heal on helm is better than stoneskin for this build, due to it get the benefit of 50% increased healing of light plate chest as well as 15% healing bonus of your shield making also cuts your demage for the duration, on top of that, something you really dont want with this build? Are you missed cheapest albion online silver?



The Increased armor/magic resist is a must at earlie levels to compensate the light chest option. In endgame or when they fix Shields to have better armor, you can swap to hitpoints.


Spell Choice - Fast-Healing Wounds (15% increased received healing)


Shields are nerfed at the moment but they are going to be buffed (you can see my legendary 7.4 shield has +26 armor only), wich means this build is getting even stronger in future patchs. But right now, it does ok with this build since the 15% increased received healing increases your Emergency Heal in your helm and your Vampiric Strike heal in your weapon.


WEAPON - Battleaxe


Spell on Q - Rending Strike - Does nice direct damage(200ish) and damage of time with low coldown and debuff received healing of your target in exchange of heavy mana usage.

Spell on W - Heavy Smash - Low coldown with armor debuff and heavy damage

Spell on E - Vampiric Strike - Your key ability. With 3 stacks of rending strike, it heals for 609 hitpoints on epic 7.4 plus very nice damage. Cheap gold for sale, including cheap albion online gold for sale.


Spell Choice - Refreshing Sprint


With light plate option, you have the best mobility in game since its a fast coldown sprint that allow you to chase people down and also lowers all your abilities timers allowing you to stack 3 rending strikes very fast, or recover that extra vampirc strike in 12s instead of 15s - increasing your damage, heal and mobility. For the passive, go 5% increased damage for sure.


Spell Choice - Blink


Light Plate Chest is the best for this build since you need to take the most of the high damage weapon heavy mana drain with the 60% increased damage. Any other armor will make you run out of mana before you kill your target. Another good thing is that this increases your helm healing power making it to heal huge numbers.


The spell choice in here is Blink because this build needs the mobility to go in and out as you wish. You are not squishy but sometimes you need that blink to finish off a running target/heal with vampiric strike. For avid players, it's seems to that no one can prevent them from buying cheap albion online gold.