Albion Online Guide For Full And Limited PvP

upalbion Date: Jan/03/18 16:26:22 Views: 2821

In Albion Online, there are 2 major areas for PvP called limited PvP and full PvP areas. After opening the world map, these two areas will be clearly shown with a special symbol.


The first areas you will encounter in the game will be PvE areas where no form of PVP is possible. Areas with brown text, a small sword and a skull are called limited PvP areas. For full PvP zones, the symbol is red with three skulls, axes and swords.



Difference Between Limited PvP and Full PvP:


Limited PvP Area


Limited PvP means that you will not be able to attack other players until you or another player is flagged. The flagged player will be shown as a red dot on the map. This will give you a chance to attack or escape from that player. It is very useful to see if someone is coming to attack you in that area. Or on the contrary, if you are flagged, people will either escape or try to kill you.


If you are reluctant to go to the PvP limited area, do not flag as you enter, as another player may see you on the map. This could lead them to know your position and come and kill you.


Instead, look for players who are flagged, sneak up and kill them with a small group of friends. The 1 vs 1 duel is not recommended because it is too risky. You could lose all your crew.


Full PvP Area


A full PvP zone, however, will not show players flagged on the map. This means that anyone you see in the area can attack and loot you. Get ready for combat at any time when you are in these areas.


It is also advised to always be flagged because it will allow you to attack other players freely. And you can also defend yourself against enemies because you could be attacked at any time. Remember that some Dungeons, including Hellgates, are in these areas.


Flagging System


You can easily flag yourself by activating this mode. You will find a small icon above, next to your name, that says "Click to change to hostile." Changing to hostile will only allow you to attack friendly players.


When you click, it will take about two minutes to activate PvP. You will be flagged and you can attack another player freely in each PvP zone.


Why Venture In PvP Areas


PvP areas in Albion Online are not just places to kill people. Resources are the fundamental part in Albion Online. All the most precious and high quality resources can only be found in PvP areas. Only for this is it worth risking your life. But remember: always travel in groups when you are in PvP areas. If your friend is not online, go to areas with limited PvP at most, and keep away from flagged players.