Albion Online Guide: How to Make .1 Bow Viable

upalbion Date: May/03/16 23:47:20 Views: 1315

.1 is viable. I know there are probably dozens of threads about .1 bow and how to make it viable but i just wanted to share so spell ideas that I feel would be cool for the .1 bow to make it unique and maybe just maybe give it its own niche.




Bounce Shot

Arrow bounces up to 7 times (20% damage decrease per bounce) decreasing enemies move speed by 30% (non stacking) up to 3 secs. Can be hit for damage up to 3 times with the 4th hit doing no damage but rooting the target for 1.5 secs.


Was thinking this could be a good "W" or even "E" spell since that is really the slots that are used to set it apart from the .2 or .3 bow.


Shrapnel Arrow

Arrow is shot in a straight line, when it encounters an enemy it pierces the enemies armor for 50 as well as reducing healing by 40% for the next 6 secs. Upon impact the arrow breaks apart and hits up 3 additional targets for X bleed damage every .5 secs for 1.5 secs within 4 yards.


Also a good candidate for "W" or "E" slot.


Feedback Arrow

Arrow deals x damage to target and for the next 4 secs the next spell cast by the enemy will not succeed, instead the spell being cast goes on cd for 3 secs and the caster is stunned for .5 secs.