Albion Online Guide: Make Crafting and Gathering Great

upalbion Date: Jul/23/16 12:29:02 Views: 1756

Since the start of the last beta a lot of the updates made gathering/crafting less importent. If you want to join a competetive guild the only question is what is your highest Tier of gear you can wear.




Noone cares what is the highest res. you can gather or what is the higest weapon you can craft since that is something that everyone can achieve with just a little effort.

At least the last 4 Tiers should be dificult to reach. If everyone can reach the highest gathering Tier within the first month (or as it is right now first 1-5 days dependin on how casual you play) where is the point in specialiced gatherers. Progressing after T8 seems rather pointless since you only get 250 Gathering Yield what does that mean? How much do i actually get more? It doesnt feel as if that makes a difference.

Solution: Make it more difficult to reach the high Tier tools. Make benefits for progressing further more obvious.

To be a main crafter seems rather pointless since the introduction of LP. You can never compete with that naked alt character spending all their LP on one weapon. But now even that isnt really necessary since everyone is able to craft their own gear. Where is that promise you made that you can be a specialiced craftsmen where people have to come to you if they want a certain weapon. .

Solution: Make it more difficult to craft the high tier objekts. Enable characters to spent LP above there level of overall fame. With that you prevent characters who spent all there LP on an alt who levels up one weapon or piece of amor.