Albion Online Guide On Growing A Mount

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Mounts are animals that you can ride in Albion Online and are used to travel across the world. They can increase your speed and carrying capacity. Stats vary depending on type and tier and include weight, load, hit points, hit points generation, and the time it takes to mount up.



To successfully master the world in Albion Online, you simply need to acquire vehicles such as a ox or a horse. The first will help you with the transportation of heavy goods (mined resources, items for sale or just all of your own property), and the horse will become an affordable high-speed vehicle at first. In addition to the banal option - the purchase of mounts at the auction, you will learn how to get them in the game.


Getting A Mount


In order to grow a mount at home you will need the following buildings:


  • A field where you can grow wheat. 

  • Saddler building in which the future mount will grow.

  • Pasture, where a baby ox or baby horse turns into a mount.


A personal island of the second level will be able to meet these minimum requirements and will provide an opportunity to acquire a traveler's mounts. Let us consider this process step-by-step.



The first thing you need to ensure yourself a harvest of wheat, which will be needed as feed for the growing animals. Wheat grains are sold from a Farming Merchant on the island, for seeding and harvesting you do not need any learned skills.



Like any other plant, it ripens for at least 24 hours, so you can spend that time gathering resources and preparing to build a pasture.


After the pasture is erected from the same merchant we buy a baby ox or a baby horse of the required level.


For a successful animal of livestock, we do not forget to feed the animal with pre-prepared grain. One feeding session will last for 24 hours. After 48 hours you can pick up the animal.



The resulting animal is carried to the rebuilt AH where we get the much-desired mount.


Other methods of obtaining mounts include:


  • Buy babies or mounts from the Marketplace.

  • Buy directly from other players via player to player trade.

  • Kill other players that have a mount, then loot it from their corpse.


The received animals you can use for yourself or your guild, and for sale to other players. Unsurprisingly, selling mounts is also one of the best sources of silver in Albion Online. The second option will look very acceptable in the early stages of the game, when prices for mounts are very high. We wish you good luck in the world of Albion Online and conquering its expanses.