Albion Online Guide: The Scamming of the Gameplay

upalbion Date: Jun/20/16 14:13:01 Views: 1155

Once upon a time, a player (me) is re-rolling like a maniac, spend all his precious money on precious ‘Legendary' weaponry!


Albion Online scamming


You all know how that works. Out of the blue someone send a battle request and because you are clicking like a maniac, and the ‘Accept' button is right in front of the re-roll button I click accept battle!


I fight the guy/girl and lose, walking back to the repair station. I want to go on with re-rolling, but it says ‘not enough money'… I am like huh…?

What happened?? Looking in my combat log and I see this:


This happens a lot guys… So I warn you! Please watch out with re-rolling, and please pay attention when someone send you a ‘battle request'. You lose all your money that you worked for so hard, in one simple click.


Typical scam situations

  • 1. You standing in the middle of a busy town, someone fight you all the time. You fight him and win all of the time. He send you a request again, without you knowing he added 1000000 to the request. Because you were fighting him a lot you click accept without noticing this change. The fight is starting, that other guy is walking to his chest, grabs his best gear, fight you, you lose and you can wave your 1000000 goodbye;
  • 2. This happens to me: You are re-rolling in a busy town and without you knowing this battle request pops up you click accept and you are screwed.


These are the two ways I know about, do noticed another way please send it in the reply and I will add it to this topic.


There is not really a way to fix this. You are already told in a fairly prominent location when the duel is requested how much the duel will be for. Maybe they could make the amount bright red but that still wouldn't fix the issue you're talking about if you're accepting on auto-pilot. For the problem of rerolling and auto-accepting a duel they added a timer (3 seconds) before you'd be able to hit accept. This was a fix they implemented quite a while ago now. In this way the button to accept a duel comes across as completely different to anyone who is paying any sort of attention because suddenly you get a button with a timer that you can't immediately click on.


I am not saying scamming still can't happen.It definitely can to people who aren't paying much, or any, attention. I don't see a way to further reduce it without severely limiting the dueling system, however.