Albion Online Guide: WTB Power Leveling

upalbion Date: May/25/16 15:16:23 Views: 1284

Maybe many game players are curious with all the bigger stronger(PvP) clans. Why hasn't any of you offered carries threw high level difficulties for fame.




To answer this question is very simple:

Albion is too easy to make anything off carries.


In wow I could sell carries for large amounts of gold that funded consumables for harder content raids. In FF I could sell titan carries because baddies weren't good enough to memorize an easy pattern.


In albion the hardest content can just have numbers thrown at it. If you suck...bring more. For exmple, half these guilds out there that scream that they are good, they suck, so they bring more.


The game must take a level of skill to be able to sell carries. Most content in this game can be cleared by 5 players in t4 gear that are blindfolded. The hardest mob then would be the walls that they get stuck on.