Albion Online Guides : Dual Wield Attack Animation

upalbion Date: May/01/16 02:05:18 Views: 1898



What: New Offhand items such as shield/book/torch only they are offhand axe/sword/mace variants that add's a dual wield attack animation




  • Because it would look awesome for those who want a dual wield fantasy other than daggers/claws
  • It is another source to monetize at launch with skins (people will want to double up or have different looking weapon combinations for skins etc)




  • Keep the same model's as the 1h variants so no new artwork is needed
  • Keep the power stat scaling the same as shield/book/torch
  • Keep the same 2h variant passive procs and add these in as the bonus for having that weapon offhanded


IE Having a sword mainhand and off hand dual wield an axe to get the passive +10% auto attack damage or the heal proc chance.


There are of course many options for passives/procs, these are just the simplest I can think of that are already in the game functioning and would require no real though to implement/try out


Things that would need to be developed:


  • A new dual wield auto attack swing animation for axe/sword/mace, as just enabling the dagger/claw animations would not make sense swinging those weapon types and just swinging your 1h weapon without the offhand would be super lame to watch.
  • Code added so the game recognizes when it is offhanded to provide the passive 2h benefit
  • Flavor text added indicating what would happen if it was slotted in the offhand for the player
  • Reforge bench option to change passives or whatever you decide the bonus should be