Albion Online: Guilds Specialize In Hunting For Best Territories In Galahad

upalbion Date: Mar/23/17 10:43:12 Views: 1941

According to Albion Online, gamers show their remarkable performances in the first week after Galahad. Some guilds are constantly on a hunt for the best territories of the Outlands in order to up their game and test their release plan for the very last time since the release of the Galahad.


As the Galahad update have been released for almost a week, more details about Galahad are beginning to leak out to the public. Most of the territories in the black zone are already taken and every day more and more conflicts are rising in the never-ending war for wealth, resources, and land.



Instead of living in peace on the Royal Continent, a few brave guilds set sail to settle down in the Outlands on the first week after the Galahad released. They competing against each other for the best territories. As old hatred was renewed and new conflicts were born between these guilds and alliances, the first clashes did not take long to start.


The ongoing skirmishes in the black zones are not the only things worth mentioning from this first week since the launch of Galahad. It's easier for Alliances in Galahad to get more fame and fortune in several days. Some alliances have alone collected more silver than any other alliance in the game.


Many guilds tried to secure their place across the top on all leaderboards. Thus it can be seen that Albion offers tons of different possibilities for a guild to make their name and most guilds decide to specialize in what they think they are the best.