Albion Online Has A Number Of Distinctive Features From Traditional MMORPG

upalbion Date: Jan/15/18 16:35:01 Views: 2288

Albion Online is a cross-platform multiplayer medieval game with an open world. In it, gamers can extract resources, create items, build buildings, trade, unite in guilds, capture and retain territories.



The game has a number of distinctive features from the traditional MMORPG. First, the game has a top view, as in the classical representatives of the genre, like Ultima Online. In Albion Online, there are no classes, as is usually customary. Each player can perform any role at will. Skills and abilities directly depend on your equipment. At the same time, no one forbids creating their own combinations, like a battle mage with a staff and heavy armor.


In Albion Online, there will be only one world for all players, with the change of day and night and with the absence of teleports - the transfer of resources from one place to another will be part of the economy. The bouts promise to implement simple, but intense - on the principle of a stone-scissors-paper. In Albion Online there will be no classes - everything is determined by the outfit. You can combine a lot of items.


Most of the gameplay in Albion Online is craft, so almost all free time players spend on collecting resources for a huge open world. If you are not an adherent of battles, then no one prevents you from building your own house and garden and developing them. Fans of PvP will also find what to do at Albion Online, but you should be careful, because at death you can lose all your equipment.


Albion Online is already available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. IOS support now appears to be available. The only drawback for many may be that Albion Online is distributed through the Pay-to-Play system. To access the game you need to buy one of the sets from $ 29.95 once. For this money you get full access to the game on all platforms.