Albion Online Have Already Been Redesigned: Why The Gremio Against Guild System

upalbion Date: Dec/06/16 13:25:58 Views: 1174

It's said to that Sandbox Interactive has just launched a new video of Albion Online, at the same time, it reveals how it has redesigned the system Germio against Gremio (GCG). It's worth mentioning that they can fight and conquer territory in 5-on-5 fights in guild battles. More wonderful video and latest Albion Online update, stay tuned



However, the developers found the system to be incomplete and monotonous, so they have put their hands to work to redesign many of its features. These changes will come to life in the final beta of this summer.


These will be the new features:


Reprisal Attacks: If a guild loses its territory but possesses the adjoining territory, it can launch a reprisal attack to try to recover the lost territory.


New design of the regions: each region will have only one base territory, so the guilds will have a safe haven to call home. Real Albion Online players, they does never abandon any chance to acquire cheap albion online gold


Counterattacks: If a defending guild wins a GcG battle with wide difference or automatically, it can attack its enemies. This encourages real gameplay and prevents guilds from launching fake attacks. 


Regional timers: you can only fight GcG for a certain number of hours a day, which will be different in each region. Players from a time zone will be able to fight in the most comfortable region for them.


Guard towers: As a replacement for the present territories with resources, the guard towers will be in open territories with a tower and PNJ that shoot at any hostile entity that dares to penetrate its perimeter. Albion Online players has no too much time to wait, it seems to that they have already focused on cheap albion online silver for a long time.